This page contains our complete service list. Read it to learn about our options. At 360 Paving, we strive to keep our customers well informed so they can feel comfortable about their choice to hire us. Our honesty has earned us the trust and repeat business of many customers in Vancouver, WA, and we believe it will win us yours as well. We offer the following services:


At 360 Paving, we have the technical capacity and know-how to pave residential, commercial, and industry parking lots and driveways. We can create smooth and stylish surfaces that are drivable. We use only quality materials to make sure our work can withstand exploitation and exposure to the elements.


We can sealcoat driveways and parking lots of all sizes and types. Applying a protective layer will prevent moisture from penetrating into the paving, which will shield your surfaces from water-related damage.

Grinding and Grading

Have us grade your parking lot or driveway if they are crooked. We can even your surfaces and make sure they are as smooth as ice. We can also handle the grinding of your parking lot. We will make sure to maximize the space by designating as many parking spots as possible.

Speed Bumps and Curbs Installation

Use our installation services in Vancouver, WA and have us set down speed bumps and curbs that will both secure and beautiful your driveway and parking lot. We can install all types of features and spare you from hours of hard work.

Stripping and Patchwork

We can strip compromised areas of your surfaces and patch them to restore their overall integrity. Repairing damaged sections will also prolong the lifespan of your parking lot and driveway. Our prices are fair and wallet-friendly.