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Go for Gravel Driveway Installation Projects

Gravel, Asphalt, or Concrete? What to Use for Your Driveway?

A gravel driveway installation has a kind of elegance that concrete or asphalt fails to show. True, the conventional methods would be to apply asphalt or concrete. But, if you’re intrigued with the application of gravel and why it’s a better solution, know some of its benefits:

Aesthetic Advantage

Driveway materials such as concrete or asphalt are dull. On the other hand, gravel doesn’t have to be monotonous. Stones in different shades of red, grey, and tan are readily available. The driveway is the first impression of a house, and vibrant gravel stones can make a bold statement.

Easy Maintenance

It is hard to correct if the concrete is not laid correctly in the first place, and asphalt is messy and hard to lie. However, gravel can be altered, changed, or updated throughout its lifespan. Gravel maintenance is far more convenient, as you can smooth over or add more as time goes by, depending on the driveway’s usage or needs.

Affordable Choice

True, asphalt is known to be an affordable solution for driveways rather than concrete. However, when compared to gravel, you’ll know that gravel is the more affordable choice! Asphalt, while cheap, requires different applications and equipment for installations. Labor would also be higher since most require training for asphalt paving. However, there are many cheap options for gravel materials, and most pavers are capable of utilizing this type of material, potentially reducing costs!

Strong and Durable

Regarding durability and strength, it depends on the one who applies the material. However, speaking about the materials, the three options are typically installed to be strong and durable. They last for a long time and withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Take full advantage of a gravel driveway installation project for your property in Vancouver, WA. To ensure quality installations, work with the experts of 360 Paving. We remain the go-to paver in the area and stand ready to deliver top-quality services for our clients. Dial (360) 200-5076 now for an appointment!

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Go for Gravel Driveway Installation Projects

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